General terms and conditions for online advertising

These GTC about online advertising govern the contractual relationship between the advertiser and Business Coaching Sosnowski & Weber (here after ' the editor') regarding advertising mandates for the websites of the Publisher.

Is considered "advertising mandate" the order given by the advertiser to insert one or more advertising media on the websites of the Publisher.



Any advertiser is solely responsible for the content of the proposed ad and respect of Swiss law, the present General Conditions, public order and morality.

An integration contract of advertisement is deemed concluded as soon as the advertiser addresses to Business Coaching S & W an order of publication of the advertisement.

Early termination of the contract does not relieve the advertiser of the obligation to pay the ads and/or published inserts.

The advertiser authorizes the Publisher until revocation, to integrate advertising media to its own online services, or publish them in any other way and process them at that end.

Orders up against orders are treated as firm orders of publication orders and appear at the pace set by the advertiser. It is for the latter to correct or halt publications.

The consultation and/or insertion of digital ads is worth full and unreserved acceptance for the present terms and conditions.

The Advertiser agrees that the Publisher should proceed to store the advertisements in its electronic databases and to handle them to that end.

The advertiser may revoke his consent at any time.

The Advertiser also acknowledges that any content of an advertisement, including any personal data, is also accessible in countries with no legislation equivalent to Swiss law and that the confidentiality, integrity, authenticity and availability that content cannot be guaranteed.


The publisher has the right to demand changes to the content of the advertisement or refuse without being required to give reasons why.

The orders, modification and suspension of advertising mandates must be sent to us in writing. As part of these GTC, the emails sent by mail:, also meet the requirement of the written form. Unless subject to individual agreements, the contract is in principle concluded once the advertiser has sent to the editor a written offer contract, by transmitting to him the signed order form as well as the advertisement text, and that the publisher has accepted the advertising mandate, by written confirmation by mail order.

About Advertorials: we would charge you for the work related to the preparation of an unpublished advertorial. A new broadcast is subject to the terms and prices in place at that time and that are published on the websites of the Publisher. The editor assumes no responsibility for errors in the transmission of orders, amendments and suspensions of advertising terms.

The price of an ad is determined by the rates in place at the time of the command.

The payment is made before the release of the ad on our account:

PostFinance: Account 14-537959-6

Business Coaching Sosnowski & Weber in Lausanne

IBAN: 0900 0000 1453 7959 6 CH15

Swift (bic): POFICHBEXXX


Wishes for the location are received without commitment. The Publisher reserves the right to change the location of the advertisement for technical reasons, without notifying the owner beforehand.

The layout instructions can be received according to the technical possibilities. The advertising media must be clearly identifiable as such by the readers and differentiate themselves from the editorial part by their layout and their police.

The Editor cannot, under any circumstances, be held responsible for direct or indirect damage resulting from a transaction on objects or the services offered through an ad. Furthermore, the advertiser agrees to bear all costs, judicial or extrajudicial, claims related to such third party.

Governing law and jurisdiction

In case of dispute, the present General Conditions as well as the annexes mentioned are used as a legal basis.

These General Conditions are governed by Swiss law,

excluding all other legislation.


The Jurisdiction is in Lausanne